Fatal Pedestrian Accident at East Sunrise Drive

Fatal Pedestrian Accident

In the early morning of Friday, May 13, 2022, a fatal auto accident took place in Tucson, Arizona near East Sunrise and North Craycroft. Law enforcement (The Pima County Sheriff’s Department) found a pedestrian in critical condition. He was identified as Rhett Wilbur and it was later determined that the suspected driver who caused the injury was Bradley Schaffer.

Hit-and-Run Collision

This case is still under investigation but the Pima County Attorney’s Office determined that they had enough information to charge Mr. Schaffer with manslaughter. The driver drove away from the scene (despite Arizona law to stay at the scene after an auto accident) and he parked his vehicle nearby. Later, officers found his vehicle with damage that they believe to have been caused by the collision.

Arizona requires a motorist to stop and render aid to the victim of the collision and notify the police. Leaving the scene of the accident accident provides none of this assistance and can result in more damage to the victim. Hence, reporting the incident and help the victim obtain the medical care and transportation to the hospital.

Pedestrian Lost His Life

Mr. Rhett Wilbur was the pedestrian found at the scene in very critical medical condition. First aid was administered to Mr. Wilbur, but he was not able to survive the collision and he tragically lost his life. Our condolences go out to the family of this victim. Many of these accidents in Tucson can be avoided. Prudent driving and safe speeds save lives.

Steps To Take After a Fatal Accident

The loss of loved one will devastate any person and their entire family. Our clients tell us how even the dynamics of their family change after family member loses his or her life after a car accident. It is simply a loss that can never be recovered.

The grief can keep some people from pursuing justice. Nonetheless, if the family wishes to pursue the responsible parties, a lot of work has to be performed at times to establish liability and find all responsible parties. For example, the driver, the company and the company responsible for the premises may all be held responsible for the loss. Hence, it is very important to fully investigate the case and hire a private investigator, if needed.

We Can Help You

Many of these cases end up in a courtroom. They do so because the defendants will not accept the responsibility or the victims cannot find the proper insurance coverage to cover the losses. We exclusively handle personal injury cases and we have handled many difficult situations where insurance coverage was an issue.

We handle the cases from beginning to end meaning that we will assist you with every aspect of your case from the initial investigation until the closing arguments in a jury trial. We understand how the victims feel after a loss like this one because we meet with our clients and we learn about them and the loved one that they lost.

Understanding the client’s loss is the most important part of being an attorney. Sometimes the trier of fact cannot place themselves in the shoes of the victims, but the testimony of the witnesses and the plaintiffs, along with the presentation of the case can make an enormous difference. Thus, the victims and our attorneys were closely to all of the information that they need to understand the loss.