Life-threatening injuries at Houghton and Tanque Verde

Tucson is a city of bicyclists who exercise frequently on our roads. However, there was tragedy on May 18, 2022 when a cyclist was hit by a vehicle. The crash resulted in life-threatening injuries and the victim was taken to the hospital. To make things worse, the driver of the vehicle did not remain on the scene to provide help. The vehicle and the victim were found at the intersection of Houghton and Tanque Verde in East Tucson.

The victim was identified as a middle-aged woman. She continues to fight for her life at the hospital. Emergency dispatch was sent to the scene only after a witness called 911. The driver of the vehicle made no effort to call for help.

Offender Did Not Stop At Scene

The driver of the vehicle simply left the scene of the accident and her vehicle was identified. Local law enforcement believes that the driver of the vehicle could be the same person registered as the owner of the same. However, this is not been confirmed and the driver remains at large. Local police believe that the offender could be Amanda Fierros. The offender left her vehicle at the scene and took off on foot.

Intersection Accident in East Tucson

Unfortunately, this accident only adds to the long list of bicyclist hurt at intersections in Tucson. There have been too many car accidents with cyclists in Tucson in the last few years. Many of these accidents end up being fatal. Nonetheless, these accidents can be avoided if the vehicles simply yield to the bicycles at intersections. Every driver must be on the lookout for bicycles or motorcycles since the riders have a severe disadvantage if a collision occurs.