What do auto insurance adjusters consider when settling a claim?

Auto insurance adjusters play a critical role in settling personal injury claims. They are responsible for evaluating the damages incurred by the victim, determining the liable party, and negotiating a fair settlement. When settling a personal injury claim, auto insurance adjusters take several factors into consideration.

Liability: The first thing that auto insurance adjusters consider is who is at fault for the accident. They determine who is liable for the damages incurred by the victim by reviewing the police report, witness statements, and other relevant evidence. Once they determine the liable party, they can assess the victim’s claim accordingly.

Extent of Injuries: The extent of the victim’s injuries is a crucial factor that insurance adjusters consider when settling a personal injury claim. They consider the severity of the injuries, the medical expenses incurred, and the victim’s prognosis for recovery. They also consider the impact that the injuries may have on the victim’s future earnings and quality of life.

Medical Bills: Insurance adjusters will review the victim’s medical bills and treatment records to determine the cost of their medical expenses. They consider the cost of medical treatments, rehabilitation, and any future medical expenses the victim may incur.

Lost Wages: If the victim was unable to work due to their injuries, the insurance adjuster will take this into consideration when settling the claim. They will calculate the victim’s lost wages and future lost earnings, taking into account their job type, salary, and the length of time they were unable to work.

Insurance Policy Limits: Insurance adjusters must also consider the policy limits of the liable party’s insurance policy. If the victim’s damages exceed the policy limits, the insurance adjuster may have to negotiate a lower settlement or find alternative sources of compensation.

Comparable Settlements: Insurance adjusters also consider comparable settlements for similar cases when settling a personal injury claim. They review past settlements and court decisions to ensure that the settlement they offer is fair and consistent with other similar cases.

Evidence: Insurance adjusters also consider the evidence presented by the victim when settling a personal injury claim. They review any documentation or evidence provided by the victim, such as medical reports, witness statements, and photographs, to determine the extent of their injuries and the damages incurred.

In conclusion, auto insurance adjusters consider a variety of factors when settling a personal injury claim. They must balance the needs of the victim with the policy limits of the liable party’s insurance policy to ensure that a fair settlement is reached. If you are involved in an accident, it is important to seek legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive a fair settlement.