Car accidents can change a person’s well-being, finances, and even their future life. We have seen people recover from injuries after moderate car accidents, but some clients have never fully recovered their health. This is why car accidents should be taken seriously and why the medical care after the collision is of the upmost importance. Each of the losses should be studied by your attorney because some injured victims will have high medical expenses and costly medical care in the future, while others have a bigger loss in their wages.

Losses After a Car Accident

A car accident causes immediate losses to the victim. For example, an injured victim may have a hospital bill the day of the accident. Further, the vehicle is damaged and it has to be repaired right away. If the vehicle is a total loss, then the vehicle must be replaced soon to have transportation. Medical bills can add up very quickly and your future well-being and ability to earn a living can be diminished. You need a good plan for your health and your earning capacity if the same have been affected after a car accident. Do not leave these important aspects of your life to an insurance adjustor. Insurance adjustors will simply try to downplay your injuries and losses.

We Exclusively Handle Injury Cases

Our firm focuses on personal injury cases and nothing else. We meet with clients and study their losses every day of the week. The losses have to be proved by the claimant and this is why we use the help of doctors, experts, witnesses and even family members to testify about how a person has been changed and injured after a collision. Some of these losses are very tough to prove to a jury, but they become very obvious if the right steps are taken. In other words, don’t tell the jury about your losses; instead, show the jury or the Arbitrator your losses. Testimony from third parties and examples of the things that you cannot no longer engage in (such as hiking with your wife or husband) are incredibly helpful.